Double & Triple Dipping

It’s a rainy morning and I’m sitting in my office pondering the things I’m going to do today. I already know I’ve got to run out sometime today for a quick, one-stop mystery shop. It’s a grocery shop so the wife has instructed me to pick up some creamer. She’s rather particular on the limited flavors I’m allowed to get her but fortunately, not too particular on the brand. So I’ve gone out to the store’s website to see what’s on sale. Lo’ and behold – Coffee Mate is Buy One, Get One (BOGO) and that’s the big 32oz bottle to boot. Now you might be thinking how awesome is it to get a BOGO deal while you’re conducting your mystery shop. After all, it’s going to make that reimbursement worth even more now. Not so fast, Skippy! I had a couple of coupons on my desk so I rummaged through them and found one. But you can also check on-line coupon databases like the ones you can find from fellow blogger, Discount Coupons Now and print your own coupons from the comfort of your desk.

Now I can use this $1 off 2 coupon in conjunction with the store’s BOGO sale.

No need to stop now! Remember that ibotta app I keep telling you about? Guess what? There’s a Coffee Mate Creamer rebate available!! And you can get up to 5 on a single scan!! So now, instead of paying $7.60 for two 32oz bottles and eating up about 45% of my Mystery Shop reimbursement, I’ll buy the BOGO, Use the $1 off coupon, plus take advantage of two $0.50 ibotta rebates. I’ll end up netting these two bottles for only $0.90/EACH and the two only take up about 10% of the mystery shop reimbursement. There’s other savings at play also and I’ll mention them I’m not going to figure them into the savings because it’s fractional. But I can tell you that the ibotta app has a few bonuses available. There’s one that’s another quarter if you buy 3 Coffee Mate Creamers in a certain amount of time on 3 different transactions. There’s a rather significant bonus they offer paying $10 once you hit a certain number of rebates in a certain amount of time. It’s much like the one I got earlier this week that I mentioned in a recent post. Work smarter, not harder. Now, Get Off That A$$

Just showing you the screen from my phone of the ibotta rebate.

Published by John

My wife & I travel quite a bit. Both for work and for play. Everywhere we go, we look for places the enhance our hobby of mystery shopping. In fact, a few years ago our other hobby of buying abandoned storage lockers was lucrative enough to send us to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week! While there, we conducted a mystery shop at Ruths' Chris Steakhouse. We were reimbursed over $200! That's a pair of Benjamins we didn't have to budget for during our vacation. We hope to compile other money saving opportunities we've enjoyed on this blog.

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