Dive in & Dig Deep

Another lucrative hobby I have is the buying of abandoned storage lockers. You’ve seen the fake crap on TV. In reality, you have to dig through a lot of garbage to find the rare high-valued “prize” item. However, just about every storage locker you buy can turn a profit. You simply have to work harder on some to make it pay off. As with Mystery Shopping, sorry to say, some folks are just too damn lazy to be successful. Lockers are full of bags of trash, bags of misc. papers where they quickly threw everything from their “junk drawer” or nightstand in it without thought prior to it being placed in storage. Put on some disposable gloves and dive in. DIG DEEP and look at everything you can put your hand on. I keep a jar nearby where I toss the loose change and occasional piece of paper money I find. Check the pocket of every single piece of clothing, you’re going to be surprised on what you’ll find. The picture below is from a single locker I purchased a while back. I found these gift cards in various purses full of receipts and candy wrappers, in what appeared to be a present that had remained unopened, and even in a Christmas card. One of the bills was in a dirty pair of blue jeans. The locker had your normal household and clothing items you could sell at a yard sale rather easily. Some of the bigger items went on Craigslist or the Offer-Up App. Some things I just didn’t feel like messing with and they were either donated or hauled to the dump. This particular 10 x 10 locker cost me $210.00. Once I sold the easy big items, then had a yard sale to move a lot of what was left, I ended up making about $500. That doesn’t even count these gift cards and cash which most folks wouldn’t have found because they simply skim over things for the low hanging fruit. They probably would have ended up in the trash. I either called the numbers on the cards or went on-line to obtain their balance if they have one. I placed a sticker on them with the amount they were worth and used them next time we needed something at that merchant. Remember, dig through that junk. Look at everything. Even a broken appliance has an easily removeable piece to it you could sell on-line as a “replacement” piece. Someone out there needs it. Now, Get Off That A$$

Published by John

My wife & I travel quite a bit. Both for work and for play. Everywhere we go, we look for places the enhance our hobby of mystery shopping. In fact, a few years ago our other hobby of buying abandoned storage lockers was lucrative enough to send us to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week! While there, we conducted a mystery shop at Ruths' Chris Steakhouse. We were reimbursed over $200! That's a pair of Benjamins we didn't have to budget for during our vacation. We hope to compile other money saving opportunities we've enjoyed on this blog.

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