A Mystery & an App

You’ve seen the spoils of a few of my shops this week. Tonight’s shop is a good example of how to make the most of when you have just a single shop to conduct rather than a run of shops all in close proximity like I’ll do this weekend.

Not only did I score some stuff the wife added to her shopping list (Looks like I’m shopping for her upcoming Christmas Cookie Exchange Party), but I was working on an Ibotta bonus for which this shop put me over the top and I scored an additional ten bucks! I spent $18.72 on this shop. I’m to be reimbursed $17.00 from the MSC. SEVEN of these items were qualified ibotta rebates so I banked another $2.95 which means I was actually paid $1.23 to take all this stuff home. Hold on there, Skippy . . .Remember that ibotta bonus I mentioned above? So now it’s like I got $11.23 plus all these goodies. If you don’t remember what ibotta is, scroll down and read the post I did earlier this week on it. You can set up your own ibotta account HERE.

Look close at the size of the cereal and chips, they’re the big ‘uns. Now, Get Off That A$$

Published by John

My wife & I travel quite a bit. Both for work and for play. Everywhere we go, we look for places the enhance our hobby of mystery shopping. In fact, a few years ago our other hobby of buying abandoned storage lockers was lucrative enough to send us to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week! While there, we conducted a mystery shop at Ruths' Chris Steakhouse. We were reimbursed over $200! That's a pair of Benjamins we didn't have to budget for during our vacation. We hope to compile other money saving opportunities we've enjoyed on this blog.

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