When Zero is just too much

I hear folks all the time griping how they’re broke. They can’t afford to go out so they eat in all the time. I’ll tell you, being broke SUCKS! But if you take just a little initiative, you can start taking steps to having a bit more disposable income. I seriously doubt you’ll pick up enough projects to buy yourself a new house, but you can certainly earn enough to take your significant other out on the town or even help save up for that vacation you’ve been putting off. I’ve been telling folks for years that mystery shopping or secret shopping as some people call it is the real deal. Just this evening after work I picked up two grocery store shops. Remember in my Mystery Shopping 101 post, I said you really have to sign up for many different MSC. . . this evening was a good example as these were two different chain grocery stores that were shopped by two completely different MSC. What’s important is they were only about 2 miles apart. I picked up all of these items today. Well, actually I was a bit hungry so I ate the 1/4 lb. of deli-sliced salami I also purchased so the meat is MIA from the photo. Any way, I paid $17.97 at one and $14.17 at the other shop. I get a combined reimbursement of $34.50 back from the two MSC for filling out a couple of reports on-line. I’ve said it before, nothing is free. Spending the small amount of time to do those two reports is my payment. So did I get all these items for no money? zero? Nope – they ended up paying me $2.36 to lug it all home! Now, Get Off That A$$

Published by John

My wife & I travel quite a bit. Both for work and for play. Everywhere we go, we look for places the enhance our hobby of mystery shopping. In fact, a few years ago our other hobby of buying abandoned storage lockers was lucrative enough to send us to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week! While there, we conducted a mystery shop at Ruths' Chris Steakhouse. We were reimbursed over $200! That's a pair of Benjamins we didn't have to budget for during our vacation. We hope to compile other money saving opportunities we've enjoyed on this blog.

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